Morocco Travel Guide

There are many places where you go but end in disappointment but this time you do not want to waste your money and want to the place that worth it. If you want to enjoy sceneries, food and hospitality then you should go none other than Morocco. You will enjoy the experience of visiting that country and you feel that what you are spending pays off.

There are many places to visit but you should add these places to your visit list. Following are the places you should visit:

Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert is considered as the largest desert on earth and most of the tourists come to visit that desert only. It has the harshest environments among all other desserts. It is mainly famous for its dunes that reach approximately 800 feet. That also includes salt basins, plateaus and plains. That has two rivers Niger and Nile which are crossing through the desert whereas water is very rare in that region. If we are talking about desert then how we forget about camels that beautifies Sahara.

Hassan II Mosque

One of the most iconic and most beautiful mosque which is named as Hassan II is situated in Casablanca. Roundabout 100,000 people can perform their prayers. It has great architecture and 200 feet long minarets. It is among the largest mosques in the world. Its great design and colors fascinate anyone and river behind this makes it more beautiful.

Majorelle Garden

Majorelle Garden has its own beauty and named after Jacques Majorelle who created its art museum attracts so many artists.

Raid Houses

Moroccans have very beautiful traditional houses that are called as a raid and if you are planning to visit for a long period then you should stay in raids. It is like a spa with trees and local food.

Mint Tea with Pastries

Mint tea with local pastries is just an amazing combination and you should try this local combination you will never regret and it becomes tastier if some close is with you.

Bahia Palace

If you want to see the best architecture then you should visit the El Bahia Palace. You will be amazed to see designs, marble walls, gates and everything. Many concerts and exhibitions are now conducted there. Its gardens include palm trees, lemon trees and many other fruits.

Colorful Carpets

They prepare the best carpets for interior and designs are so beautiful and eye-catching. Their color combinations are so amazing. It is no wrong to say that it’s a city of colors.


It has very beautiful landscapes Todgha Gorge is among them. It is a very beautiful part or orange mountains. It has hiking paths and people can use camels and mules to travel through this difficult mountain.


Moroccan food is the most amazing thing you will have and miss, they use local things to cook food and make them in clay pots.