3 Things to do In Maui, Hawaii

maui hawaiiTraveling to Maui, Hawaii is an exciting time for people who want to slow down and take a time out from the busy lives back home.  It doesn’t take long to get used to the island life when you are surrounded by beautiful beaches, amazing views, and warm weather.

Maui, Hawaii is the perfect destination for newlyweds, retirees, family, friends, and anyone who might be looking for a little adventure.  Here is a list of three things that you have to experience when visiting Maui, Hawaii.

Fair warning: Once you visit Maui, you might strongly consider picking everything up and moving.  There has been a sudden rush of people from San Francisco and several other western states who have called upon moving services to help them pack their bags for their departure for the Hawaiian Island.  The reason being is because it’s a short five hour flight from the west coast, and most northern citizens love their time on the Hawaiian Island during the cold winter months.

Zip Lining

If you’ve never tried zip lining before, now is the time to give it a go.  You can experience once in a lifetime views as you soar above the Ka’anapali’s pacific coastline and other offshore views.  Halfway through the trip, you will take a short detour as you head to a viewing platform that overlooks a 1,000 foot valley of the West Maui Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.  Here you can enjoy a light snack and some drinks and take pictures of views that you have to see to believe.  Throughout the trip you’ll learn about the culture of Hawaii and other fascinating facts as your tour guides share the history of Maui.

You can find the most recommended zip lining company with several awards here: https://www.zipline.com/kaanapali

Take the Ferry

Taking the Ferry to spend the day at the nearby Island of Lanai is something that everyone must do at least one day out of their vacation to Maui.  Outdoor activities are most notable here as there are no grocery stores, no traffic lights and only one gas station.  At the gas station you can rent bicycles, dirt bikes, and quads that make for a great riding experience on the numerous trails running through the mountains and back roads of the island.  Lanai is also known for it’s snorkeling, scuba diving and whale watching trips as turtles and whales frequent the waters just off the island’s shore.

Night Life In Lahaina

Front Street is highly populated by foot traffic as most people come from neighboring cities to enjoy the night life and the buzz in the air.  Here you can enjoy the world known restaurant: Cheeseburger In Paradise.  Sitting on the 2nd floor with a pina colada and a beautiful view of the ocean is a great way to begin your night in Lahaina.  You can walk off the calories by navigating your way through Front Street which runs along the Ocean’s shore.  You can visit local businesses and get to know the culture of Lahaina.  This little town should be centered around your plans for food and drinks with it’s fun atmosphere and variety of places to enjoy a favorite cocktail.

Honorable Mention: Road to Hana

If you’re looking for an all day event and would love to explore the Island of Maui, then you should consider taking “The Road to Hana.”  You’ll have the option of taking a van tour or driving yourself along the 64.4 mile stretch along the different Hawaiian routes that connects in a 360 degree loop.  For those who wish to seek adventure, driving yourself is the way to go as you can organically experience everything Maui has to offer.

If you wish to see what “The Road to Hana” is all about you can visit their website and find out what sights to expect on the drive and a map that will steer you in the right direction.